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PROJECT: @anthro_sanfrancisco  

In 2015, Anthropologie launched Instagram accounts for all 200+ stores to create thriving micro-communities of brand fans across the country. With the goal of bringing a healthy dose of localized content to each of communities and increasing communal presence, a year into the launch the Anthropologie San Francisco account was in need of direction within its own community. 

In April 2016, I took ownership of the @anthro_sanfrancisco account and immediately began to study the local community's social landscape. I discovered the Anthropologie San Francisco customer is a female working professional between 24-40yrs who is drawn to contemporary, positive-feeling content that sparks wardrobe inspiration and lifestyle exploration within her city's 7x7. With that, we started creating content that was shot all around the city, and partnering with local companies and social influencers to create content that reached into the SF social community, and developing fun quirky product videos to surprise and delight.


Within seven months, we experienced a 105% increase in engagement, as measured by likes and comments, in addition to 360% annual growth in followers. This is success demonstrative of a loyal audience charmed by high quality native content.

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